The Path to Good Nutrition


Correct, healthy, organic, natural food – the list goes on and on. There is hardly a Muscovite who has never thought about the fact that it would be nice to eat right. However, what exactly does this mean? When we started doing our nutrition program, we reviewed tons of options and interpretations of the concept.

As a result, we absorbed the experience and developed the following formula: proper nutrition is a system that allows you to get maximum energy from food, ensuring long-term efficiency of the body and an ideal figure. This system is made up of simple bricks: the ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, portion size, method of preparation, the amount and size of deviations from the selected proportions, individual characteristics.

Having tried on the definition of ourselves and friends, we added an important condition to it: proper nutrition should easily fit into the usual life. This means that it should be convenient to eat whenever and wherever, so that communication with the food provider would be unnoticed for the client – one click in the best traditions

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The Path of the Nutritional Master

After talking with the nutritional masters for a long time, we drew a curve of a typical transition to the side of the Force. It consists of four stages.

The first stage is awareness . The most difficult stage. To begin with, you have to accept the fact that in order to achieve your own life goals, you need to eat systemically, saturating the body with energy as much as possible. Then an assessment is made of how well the current food system meets the criterion of consistency. Typically, the answer ranges from “not at all” to “very little”. After that, the realization comes:
you regularly have meals that satisfy your emotions and are perceived as pleasure, not a charge of energy. This is the seizing of stress with a cake, and the constant drinking of tea and coffee while talking in the office.

The second stage is the most uncertain. This is a time of trial and error . You already know something that no longer allows you to calmly eat hamburgers and ice cream without a twinge of conscience. The search for power systems begins, and the phrases BJU, drying, BMT acquire a meaning, often painful. (By the way, if you are not yet at the second stage, then BJU is the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates; drying is the process of burning subcutaneous fat in order to make muscles more prominent; and BMT is the tricky concept of “lean body mass”.)

So, in the second stage, the desire to try something new grows. Someone immediately rushes to change their lives; someone reads more, but postpones the real beginning; someone starts a new life about every week, but … somehow it doesn’t work out. At this stage, it is often not possible to achieve results – to see real changes in oneself, due to which there is a denial of the need to change, irritation and further search. At this time, it is important not to rush from one extreme to another: the body will rather perceive the transition to chicken breast and cottage cheese not as a permanent system, but as a temporary solution that needs to be changed at the earliest opportunity. Therefore, at this time (as always) the key condition is variety – the food should be tasty and interesting.