Andriol: composition of the drug and instructions for use


Tableted anabolics enjoy well-deserved popularity. Their main advantage is the simple selection of the optimal dosage, which does not take much time. It can be especially difficult for beginners to decide how much solution to inject and how to do it correctly. If you take steroids in tablets, then this problem will not arise (it is possible to exclude the development of pain syndrome, and the reception can be kept secret from others).

For andriol, the price remains affordable, which is definitely worth using to improve your own muscles. Managers will take into account the additional wishes of customers when placing an order, and the shipment will be completed as soon as possible.


Features of taking andriol in sports

The drug can be used by representatives of various sports disciplines. Weightlifters, bodybuilders, powerlifters and representatives of wrestling schools are interested in its benefits from taking it. Tablets are characterized by an average duration of action, and the result after taking is stored for a long time.

The drug is based on a substance called ether undecanoate. To obtain it, the structure of testosterone synthesized in the laboratory was changed. As a result, it is possible to ensure effective preparation before the competition, eliminating the deposition of fat or gynecomastia. Since undecanoate is converted into dihydrotesterone in the body, its excretion from the body occurs quite quickly. You can take a course of tablet steroids even before the competition.

The action of the drug allows you to get the following results:

  • gain new muscle mass faster;
  • make bones denser;
  • maintain sexual function;
  • increase appetite.

The drug accelerates metabolic processes in the body, improves sulfur and nitrogen balance. Muscle mass is gained throughout the course, and the risk of aromatization of the drug is minimal.

How to make a course of andriol?

The best results can be achieved with the use of a steroid in an individual dosage. An anabolic tablet should be taken in an amount up to 240 mg of the substance per day. A novice athlete can use half of the indicated dosage to check the acceptance of the drug by the body. You can split the dose into 2-3 doses, so that the concentration of undecanoate will remain at a high level. The drug goes well not only with steroids, but also with fat burners. Exceeding the maximum dosage may cause adverse reactions. Buying a medicine from a well-known pharmacological brand here will be the best guarantee of its safe use.

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