The benefits of olive oil for the body

In pursuit of an ideal figure, we sometimes forget that our body needs not only proteins and carbohydrates, but also fats. All vegetable oils are considered to be an excellent source of natural fats that bring undoubted benefits to humans. But the best of them is olive oil, the beneficial properties of which have been familiar to people since ancient times. It is popular all over the world and is highly regarded for its healing properties and its ability to prevent many diseases.


In ancient times, olive trees were considered divine plants. Olive oil was called “liquid gold” and was used not only in cooking, but also for the consecration of temples. His medical qualities were recognized by Hippocrates himself. Even then, it was known that the high content of polyphenols and fatty acids in it helps to level the risks of cardiovascular pathologies, gives an anti-inflammatory effect and helps fight bacteria.
Today, almost everyone knows about the benefits of olive oil for the body. Its medicinal properties are due to its unique composition, which includes many vitamins and minerals. Fatty acids are of particular nutritional value, due to which olive oil is considered an indispensable component of dietary nutrition.
Their content per 100 g of cold-pressed product has the following indicators (in grams):
– stearic acid – 2.5;
– linoleic – 12;
– palmitoleic – 1.55;
– oleic – 64.9;
– Omega-6 – 12;
– arachidic – 0.85;
– palmitic – 12.9.
So what is olive oil good for? Studies show that diets with a high content of it significantly reduce the likelihood of developing atherosclerosis, heart disease, and some types of cancer. In addition, phenolic compounds in olives can normalize many physiological parameters of a person – cellular and platelet function, plasma lipoproteins.
Given the high calorie content of the product, many people often wonder whether olive oil is good for weight loss. Its natural fats are fundamental to the fight against obesity. Thanks to monounsaturated acids, you can quickly feel full and reduce food cravings, which completely eliminates overeating.
An oil-fortified diet is known to lead to weight loss much faster than a low-fat diet.
The use of olive oil will be beneficial for people with diabetes and those seeking to prevent the development of this formidable disease. While carbohydrate foods increase blood glucose levels, monounsaturated fats, in contrast, stabilize sugar and regulate insulin.Taking the product can slow down the penetration of glucose into the bloodstream and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.