Sports nutrition for drying

Sports nutrition

Why do you need sports supplements for “drying”?

Without a diet, fat can not be defeated, no matter how much you shed sweat in the gym and what you would not stuff yourself with. This is an axiom. So, by tightening the belt and relying on an iron will? Exactly! But at the same time, we do not forget about sports nutrition, which can also help. In what and how? Let’s figure it out.

How to save your muscles

When we go on a strict diet, we exclude fats from the diet and cut down on carbohydrates. But the problem is that carbohydrates are the main fuel when working with scales. And when it ends, our body begins to split…no, not fats! Fats are an emergency reserve of energy resources. Alas and ah, but muscle proteins go into the “furnace”! The ones that have been worked out with hard work. Is it offensive? That’s not the right word. But there is a way out. Namely: take branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) right before training. BCAA is the essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine, which make up at least a third of our muscles and which the body is unable to synthesize. And that’s why BCAA is an excellent anti-catabolic. When your carbohydrate reserves run out, 5 grams of these amino acids taken before training will cover your muscles with a reliable shield. Moreover, these amino acids taken after training will noticeably accelerate the process of restoring muscle tissue. To preserve the muscles 100%, we will add protein. You can take a regular whey, or you can take some “long-playing” multicomponent. The main trump card of the serum is ultra-fast assimilation, which is especially valuable after training, when: an “anabolic hole”is formed in the body. On the other hand, when there are not enough calories, it is extremely important to ensure a constant supply of amino acids. And here a complex protein is preferable. And it satisfies hunger better. Speaking of protein on “drying”, we do not forget about the taste. After all, sitting on a diet, sometimes you want so much sweet!

Sports nutrition which manufacturer to choose

There is nothing much to guess: any manufacturer, except domestic. The best products are Gold standart from Optimum Nutrition, Lipo 6X from Nutrex, Animal Cuts, Lipodrene, Hydroxycut Hardcore, OxyElite pro from Usp.

How to get energy in training

The essence of food for drying is to spend more calories than you consume. Well, this causes a lack of energy, especially when there are very few carbohydrates on the menu. Where is the exit? Once every few days, raise the intake of carbohydrates by 50-100 grams per day? Yes, this tactic will not slow down the metabolism and temporarily increase the energy level, but in general it will not solve the problem. And this is a magic sports nutrition for drying called L-carnitine! An extremely useful property of L-carnitine in this case is that it promotes the oxidation of fats in the mitochondria (“energy stations” of cells) for energy production. Fats, which under normal conditions the body “protects” in extreme cases, become a lifesaver! In fact, we are dealing a double blow to fat: we break it down to get energy, with which we burn even more fat during training! Multipower offers a whole range of products containing L-carnitine, which increase arousal, physical activity and the working potential of nerve endings in muscles. The most famous of them is L-Carnitine Liquid Forte. You absorb L-carnitine in liquid form faster, and even one ampoule containing 1500 mg of L-carnitine, drunk before training, can help you. To achieve a greater effect, take 2 ampoules of L-Carnitine Liquid Forte before training

We increase immunity

You are like an obsessive plow in training for drying, wind up hundreds of kilometers on an exercise bike and at the same time limit yourself in food. What is happening to your immunity? That’s right, he begins to “get hooked”. Extreme loads reduce the body’s resistance to diseases, but a monotonous diet does not provide the necessary nourishment with vitamins and minerals. In order not to end up in a hospital bed, be safe with the help of vitamins. Just one capsule of MultiVita vitamins per day will provide you with the most necessary vitamins.

Fat burners for drying

We have already talked about the remarkable fat-burning properties of L-carnitine. Is it possible to burn fat even more intensively? Definitely, and here fat burners, or rather, thermogenics, will come to your aid. Thermogenics is a common everyday name for a group of drugs that have a thermogenic effect (from Greek. “thermo” — heat and “genesis” – to produce) and can really speed up your metabolism. It is known that when taking thermogenics, the body temperature rises by 0.5-2°C, It is” thermogenics ” that accounts for a third of the money spent on the purchase of sports nutrition products, which indicates that they really fulfill advertising promises, i.e. they increase strength and endurance, give energy while reducing subcutaneous fat, without reducing muscle mass. And this is exactly what we need! Multipower contains not only traditional components for such drugs, such as green tea, guarana extract, choline and inositol, but also the amino acid L-tyrosine-a product from which dopamine is formed, which is responsible for a good mood and a decrease in appetite! Multipower was not limited to this product and developed. ThermoBurnerExtreme is a product with an even more impressive composition. Take this food for drying should be taken twice a day, one capsule before meals and before training, with water.

I think that’s it. Now, I’m sure you have no doubt that sports nutrition is something that can help you out a lot. Going out to fight with excess weight, you will be armed. And this is the key to success.

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