A fasting day or, in a fashionable way, detox is still a popular way to give the body a temporary respite after days or even weeks of eating like the last time in life. But if for a fasting day, one supposedly useful product is most often chosen (buckwheat, apples, kefir, water), then detox is strongly associated with sets of fruit and vegetable juices in cute bottles that need to be drunk from one to several days, depending on from the selected detox program. The creators promise a miraculous effect and a magical transformation of the body, but they also ask for this “miracle” the corresponding money.


As a diet, detox on juices is generally not suitable, because in such a short period of time only water can leave the body, but it returns just as quickly and no longer alone, but with fat. Left without a source of protein, the body begins to briskly burn glycogen stores (it pulls water along with it), which usually pleases with a pleasant figure on the scales the next day, but it is impossible to stay in this weight for a long time, returning to normal nutrition. Moreover: from such a sharp change in nutrition and a cut in the usual calorie intake, the body may require twice the amount of food (especially simple carbohydrates, of course) and it will be very difficult to resist it, sooner or later it will take its toll.

Such a detox swing for the body is never a rest or a spa, it is a real stress for the stomach and a blow to the endocrine system. They force the body to store fat in reserve (what if they never feed properly again?) And remove not only decay products, but also vitamins and minerals. And pure sour juices, even from the freshest fruits, can very strongly irritate the walls of the stomach.


Whether toxins and toxins accumulated over the years leave the body in such a short time is also a question. So far, there is not a single serious scientific study confirming the benefits of juices, but confirmation that the human body is able to independently get rid of substances it does not need, and does not need help in the form of a smoothie, have been around for a long time. To use the word “toxin” in such a context is completely incorrect. Toxin is a real poison and an excess of toxins provokes serious diseases and can be fatal, not just overweight and poor skin condition.


The main task of a proper detox is to restore the acid-base balance and, most importantly, the opportunity to take a break from digesting heavy protein foods, fats, refined sugar, reboot both physically and mentally, and continue with renewed vigor. And the key to success, as usual, lies not in two days, but in a regular diet without excesses, for which a proper detox can be very inspiring.