kettlebell swing

The Greatest HIIT Workouts: 10 Best Trainers and Trainers about their Best workouts (2 part)



Keep the kettlebell close to your body. You can also grab the kettlebell on the sides of the handle. Try to open your knees as you sink deeper.

goblet squat


Double kettlebell breaker

Time: 12-18 min.

Contributor: Zach Even-Esh, founder of the Underground Strength Gym in New Jersey and author of The Gladiator Project: Primitive Training for Maximum Strength & Muscle.


Use two kettlebells and don’t put them down until you’ve completed the round.

  • Overhead carry 15 meters
  • Clean and press 5 reps
  • Rack walk* 15 meters
  • Squat 5 reps
  • Farmer’s walk 15 meters
  • Bentover row 5 reps

Do two to three rounds, resting 2-3 minutes between each round.

*Kettlebells are held in front of your shoulders with the weight outside your hands while you walk with short steps.

A kettlebell workout is one thing, but lugging two kettlebells through an entire round is a whole different story. Fitness, calorie burn and grip strength are great benefits, but more than anything, develop your perseverance. Something you can never have enough of.

“I designed endurance training with load when I was training wrestlers,” says Even-Esh. “I wanted to give them the strength, stamina and mental toughness they need for a tough wrestling match. The carrying parts take care of the cardio and with the other exercises you target the muscles from head to toe.”


With this exercise you build full body strength, it ensures a good condition of your heart and trains your grip for every sport. Keep your feet on the ground.

Kettlebell clean press


Cycling Tabatas

Time: 22 minutes

Contributor: Josh Elmore, a licensed strength and conditioning coach and owner of Conjugate Consulting in Charlotte, NC.


Do the following workout on an Assault Bike (or regular stationary bike).

  • Tabata intervals*
  • Rest 2 minutes
  • Reverse Tabata intervals**
  • Rest 2 minutes
  • Tabata intervals
  • Rest 2 minutes
  • Reverse Tabata Intervals

*Alternating eight rounds between going full speed for 20 seconds and resting for 10 seconds.

**The opposite of Tabata: 10 seconds full alternating with 20 seconds rest.

We’re guessing there will be a bike free, because most people seize the treadmills and ellipticals. “The idea is to work at as high a power level as possible while working the same hard every round,” says Elmore. “I found that my relative work output was higher with the inverted Tabatas, when you consider that you only work half the time. The goal is to burn as many calories as possible, added up over all four intervals.”



Time: 60-90 minutes

Contributor: Jared Groff (NASM-CPT), NPC physical contestant and former Muscle & Fitness Male Model Search finalist.


Do this workout after a dynamic warm up of 10-15 minutes.

  • Double Hurdle Hop (side to side)* 4×15 seconds
  • Squat jump 4×10
  • Alternating lunge jump 4×8 per leg
  • Tuck jump 4×10
  • Broad jump 3×50 meters
  • Plyometric push up 4×12
  • Single-leg toe touch/V-up 3×30 per leg
  • Rest 45-60 seconds between all sets.

Final exercise

  • Crossfield gasser x3**

*Use a small hurdle or similar tool. Constantly jump sideways over the hurdle, bringing your knees up and landing with your feet apart and knees springing.

**Sprint from sideline to sideline three times on a football field – that’s one gasser. Try to get every gasser within 45 seconds. Rest as needed between sets.

Groff is a former University of Arkansas wide receiver. His dynamic, high-intensity training is fantastic when a sports field is available. “This is a very explosive workout that focuses on explosiveness, core strength, endurance, perseverance and speed,” says Groff. “I used this training to prepare for a series of games in the NFL. It’s still one of my favorites when I want to get dry and get in shape.”


Bring your arms back and try to jump as far as you can, not as high as possible. Concentrate on controlling the landing without falling forward or backward.


Pump and row

Time: 20 minutes

Contributor: Robert Ciresi Jr., an ISSA certified trainer at A Taylored Body gym in Riverside, CA, and two-time participant in Muscle & Fitness Male Model Search.


As many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes.

  • Row 250 meters
  • Push up x25

Ciresi takes a page from Crossfit with this high-intensity AMRAP session, which engages the posterior chain with rowing, and the chest, shoulders, triceps and core with push-ups. “Depending on how hard you row, this can be a real fat burner or, at a slower pace, a steady 20 minutes of cardio/strength training,” he says. “Sit in the rowing machine and pick a fast but manageable pace. When you’re done rowing, move on to the push-up. If you need to break it up into smaller sets, you should, but keep the rest as short as possible. I like this workout because you can do it every month and keep track of your progress. See if you can get more rounds the next time you do it.”


Man maker 7 test

Time: 21 minutes

Contributor: Craig Hysell, CF-L2, owner and head coach of Conviction Training Facility in Hilton Head, SC.


As many reps as possible in 90 seconds with 90 seconds rest between each set.

  • 7 sets Man makers

Suggested weight for the dumbbells (DBs)*:

Beginner Run Without Weight

Advanced 9-11 kilos DBs (male)/5 kilos DBs (female)

Expert 16 kilo DB’s (man)/9 kilo DB’s (woman)

Cyborg 23 kilo DBs (male)/16 kilo DBs (female)

*Hexagonal dumbbells are recommended for safety (to avoid rolling sideways on the floor).

Man makers are actually five exercises. They are related to the burpees, but with a few essential adjustments. First, grab dumbbells in your hands. From plank position with arms extended, press once, then row with 1 arm, then press again, then row with other arm. Then jump into a standing position and finish with a hanging squat clean overhead press (don’t jump at the top). That’s one repetition.

“All moves should be done with proper form (no swinging when rowing or sag when pushing up) and flow smoothly from one move to the next,” Hysell says. “If that doesn’t work, the weight you’re using is too heavy.”

Man Maker ground

Man Maker standing