Taurine supplements: indications for use, main properties

Taurine supplements: indications for use, main properties

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Every living organism on the planet is subject to energy metabolism. This is a phenomenon in which energy is spent on maintaining the normal life of beings. Taurine is one of the components that play an almost paramount role in energy metabolism.

Taurine: what is it and why does a person need it

The component is independently produced by the human body in the pancreas and is an essential amino acid. It protects the heart and blood vessels, has a positive effect on the immune system and other biological processes in the body.

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 Before choosing and purchasing nutritional supplements, consult with your doctor and get the necessary tests. The article is advisory in nature and does not call for self-medication.

When you need to take taurine

There are several situations where the body needs additional taurine :

  • if an additional supplement is required in conjunction with the main drug;
  • newborns, in the case when the child is not breastfeeding;
  • To old people;
  • with heart failure;
  • high blood pressure;
  • diseases of the liver, kidneys, excretory system.

These are the conclusions reached by researchers at the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing. In the above cases, the body produces an insufficient amount of taurine for the normal functioning of some body systems. After carrying out special laboratory tests and passing tests, the doctor prescribes treatment and prescribes the recommended doses. Taurine supplements work well with other types of medications and can complement holistic treatments.