Why are we gaining extra pounds?

Over the past year, the pandemic has made many adjustments to our lives, and added no less extra pounds. But summer is just around the corner – stop sitting! There is still time to put yourself in order and meet the summer season in your favorite outfits.
Why are we gaining extra pounds?
  1. Improper nutrition – high-calorie food, numerous snacks or, conversely, malnutrition disrupt metabolism, entailing not only weight gain, but also various other diseases.
  2. A sedentary lifestyle – the energy that we get with food must be spent. If this is not done, the metabolism slows down and extra calories are simply not burned.
  3. Lack of sleep – affects the level of leptin in the blood, a hormone that is responsible for suppressing appetite. The lower the leptin level, the stronger the hunger.
  4. Stress – increases the level of cortisol, thereby slowing down the metabolism.

How to make home workout effective

A set of fitness exercises that you can do at home is the key to a beautiful figure. To train to be effective, do it regularly, observing several rules.

  1. Eat 1.5-2 hours before exercise.
  2. Start your workout with a warm-up. This will warm up the muscles and avoid injury.
  3. Drink water during your workout to stay hydrated.
  4. Do not exceed a break between exercises for more than 1 minute – an intense workout will help you burn those extra pounds faster.
  5. Alternating strength and cardio workouts will help you lose weight and build muscle.
  6. Eat a healthy diet – your energy expenditure should be greater than your calories.
  7. Finish your workout with stretching to relax your muscles and release tension.