6 effective exercises to look cool in summer clothes

Performing a set of fitness exercises will allow you to use all muscle groups, which means home workouts will be more intense and effective.

№1. Dumbbell Squats

Legs and buttocks are body parts that are admired by both men and women. Squats will give you a nice hip relief.
Starting position – feet shoulder-width apart, arms bent at the elbows, dumbbells are as close to the body as possible. As we inhale, we squat without lifting our socks and heels off the ground. The back is straight, the arms are in the starting position. As we exhale, we get up, straighten our arms above our head.
We return to the starting position.

No. 2. Dumbbell push-ups

We also do not disregard our hands – push-ups will help to straighten posture and strengthen the shoulder girdle, arms, chest and abdominal muscles.
Starting position – lying down, feet shoulder-width apart, dumbbells are under the shoulders. While inhaling, we lower the body, as in a classic push-up, bending our arms at the elbow joints. As we exhale, we rise, we transfer the fulcrum to two legs and one arm. Press the second hand from the dumbbells to the belt with a quick movement, then return it back and take the starting position.
We repeat the exercise, changing hands.

№ 3. Lunges

There are several types of lunges that can be performed in conjunction with other fitness exercises.
The classic in-place lunge strengthens the glutes, legs, back and abs. It is a great addition to squats. Starting position – standing, hands on the waist. While inhaling, we put one leg forward, bend the knee, forming a right angle. We lower the second leg as low as possible, without touching the surface, also forming an angle of 90 degrees.
As we exhale, we straighten our legs and take the starting position.

No. 4. Pistol One Legged Squat

A difficult but effective fitness exercise – the muscles of the legs are worked out, a sense of coordination and balance develops.
Starting position – legs shoulder-width apart, arms bent at the elbows and raised to shoulder level (for convenience and balance, you can cross your arms over your chest or straighten in front of you). We transfer the weight to the supporting leg. We begin to squat and at the same time bring the other leg forward, without bending at the knee joint. The back is straight, we do not lower our head. We return to the starting position. We repeat the exercise, alternating legs.
To learn how to squat on one leg, you can use more simplified options, for example, do the exercise with support on a wall or bench.

No. 5. One-legged glute bridge

First of all, the exercise involves the gluteal muscles. Also, the calf muscles, the extensors of the spine, the front and back of the thigh are being worked out.
Starting position – lying on your back. We bend one leg at the knee and set it at a distance of 30 cm from the
buttocks. Raise the other leg to the level of the hips. The shoulder blades are pressed to the floor, the arms are along the body. On exhalation, leaning on the heel of the supporting leg, raise the pelvis from the floor, so that the shoulders, hips and knee form a straight line. We linger in this position, pulling in the buttocks, and return to the starting position.

No. 6. Twist – Russian crunches

An effective workout to strengthen the rectus and oblique abdominal muscles.
Starting position – sitting on the buttocks, raise our legs and hold in this position, slightly bending at the knees. Feet parallel to each other, arms in front of you. While inhaling, we move the back so as to feel the tension of the press. With slow, gentle movements from left to right and vice versa, we turn the upper body simultaneously with the arms, so that the lower ribs rush to the pelvis. The legs do not change their position. Repeat the required number of times.
Do home workouts 3-4 times a week for 30-60 minutes and in a month you will see the result of your efforts, which means you can safely meet the summer in your favorite clothes.