How fitness affects your psyche


Everyone knows that fitness is good for health, but mainly in terms of improving physical performance and appearance. But few people think about the fact that without sufficient physical activity the human psyche cannot function normally.

Meanwhile, movement and psyche are interconnected. It has long been proven that one thinks better while walking than at rest. And this is not surprising, the central nervous system and the musculoskeletal system are interconnected – many functions of the nervous system depend on the activity of the muscles. Therefore, for the normal course of mental processes, active training at home or in the gym is not just desirable, they are vital.Three main positive psychological effects of physical activityDecreases the level of anxiety
If regular home workouts have long taken their place in your daily routine, then you are familiar with the feeling of satisfaction after fitness. And this is not an illusion or self-deception. Exercising at home can help reduce anxiety and neuromuscular tension.

Studies have shown that stress that develops endurance, strength, flexibility is the best way to relieve anxiety . At the same time, it is important that the intensity of the exercises is sufficient – at least 70% of the maximum heart rate – heart rate. Less, as well as more, home fitness workouts are less effective in reducing anxiety.Self-esteem rises

When you go in for fitness, you set new, more daring goals and persistently achieve them. Self-confidence grows, a feeling of bodily well-being and self-competence comes. With an increase in fitness, self-control skills improve, the internal state stabilizes, you are less susceptible to external influences and control your emotions. Yoga, meditation and other home workout programs reduce aggression, improve physical and mental qualities, and increase self-esteem. A person with high self-esteem quickly adapts to changing conditions, makes independent decisions easier, without regard to the opinions of others.

The nervous system is strengthened

Forming a physically active lifestyle, you work on your character – you become more disciplined and responsible. Regular home workouts, overcoming laziness and discomfort strengthen the nervous system and develop you as a person.How much time should you spend on fitness for mental health?
Do fitness 3-5 times a week for 20-30 minutes. If you can’t devote so much time to training online, start with 10-15 minutes, for example, with daily exercises .

Your engagement and fitness will gradually increase. When exercise becomes a habit, lengthen the time and try new types of physical activity. IntensivePilates , online workouts for weight loss, abs and flexibility exercises – on FitStars there are several dozen home workout programs for girls and men, designed for different levels of difficulty.

There are many married couples among our users. In their comments, they write that joint training brings benefits not only from a health point of view. Fitness classes unite the family – more common interests appear, family troubles are smoothed out. In addition, children are also involved in sports. And this is a very important point!

When a child develops a habit of exercising from childhood, it stays with him for life. And in the future he will not have torments – to go to training or skip again. For him, fitness will become part of the daily ritual, familiar and necessary – as a rule, to brush his teeth.

To further interest the child, workouts can include programs designed specifically for children. On our site there is an author’s program for children “School of Superheroes” with the fiery Mikhail Prygunov. Not only children, but also parents are delighted with her. Fun, perky, exciting and useful.