From How Many Years You Can Start To Do Bodybuilding


“Tell me, how old can you start bodybuilding for teenagers?” A question of this nature, makes the brain of young people who are dissatisfied with their appearance, who want to attract the attention of the opposite sex. The answer is difficult to find, there is no clear and detailed answer for any individual. The conclusion is personal, there is no single correct one about the decision.

Today’s bodybuilding and fitness experts differ in their answers, and here are the reasons. Muscle growth is entirely dependent on the amount of synthesized hormones. The main ones are male reproductive hormone (testosterone) and somatotropin (human growth hormone). Increased reproduction of hormones by the body begins at the age of 14-15, such is human physiology, which means that you can start to engage in bodybuilding from this age, only in adolescence there is intense hormonal synthesis. During puberty in young people, there is an intense increase in the amount of hormones. Bones grow and harden. Joints, ligaments and tendons are strengthened. The voice coarsens, aggressiveness appears, the hairline on the body increases.

Is it possible to engage in bodybuilding for young people who have not reached the cheerful age (14-15 years old)? Those who decide to study are usually doomed to failure. No matter how hard you train, there will be no muscle growth. But this is half the trouble. Young people exercising to the limit, using giant weights, increase the risk of injury and thus forever negate the chance of training in the future.

Only from 14-15 years old, adolescents can begin to engage in bodybuilding or fitness. The body, with a low level of hormones, is not able to increase muscle mass and strength. First year of independent training, avoid the deadlift exercise. This is a technically challenging but rewarding exercise. In inept hands, a terrible weapon that leads to disability. If you are young and, due to age reasons, cannot do bodybuilding? Don’t be upset.

Start your development with general physical training:

  • run;
  • swimming;
  • horizontal bar;
  • bars;
  • squats without weight;
  • push ups.

Learn the technical insights of exercise, nutrition, and relaxation. Get ready physically and mentally for the upcoming stress.