What can a beginner expect during the first few weeks of CrossFit training?


You can expect a call. Many people have misconceptions about CrossFit. You will perform movements that you have never heard of and new variations of hard exercises. You will spend more energy than usual and may feel uncomfortable. It’s okay – you’re in the process of getting used to it. Don’t be afraid to get started. Learn technology, learn new things. Improvements will come faster than you think.

How to tell if your CrossFit coach is good?

As in all fitness areas, there are good trainers in CrossFit, and there are not so good ones. The problem with choosing a trainer is that you can only rely on his certificates. I advise you to try different classes with different trainers and see which one you like best. Feel free to ask the trainers about their experience and specialization.

Can a beginner get hurt while doing CrossFit?

Yes, may be. But the same can happen to you when mountain biking, karate, etc. All forms of physical activity come with certain risks. If you follow the recommendations, follow the technique, reduce the load when necessary, then everything should work out for you with englandpharmacy.

Is the game worth the candle?

Crossfit training is often more expensive than training in a regular gym, because An ordinary simulator sells hundreds of subscriptions, expecting that only a third of those who bought them will go there constantly, and the CrossFit gyms attract fewer people, but at the same time they expect that all of them will attend classes. If you really enjoy CrossFit, attend as many classes as possible. Make the most of your money.

I invite everyone to go to a CrossFit gym and then go and do the same workout in a regular gym. The difference you see will be the answer to your question.

When doing CrossFit, should I be on a paleo diet?

Not! There are no rules about what you can and cannot eat while doing CrossFit. In general, CrossFit coaches and gym owners advise the paleo diet because it is healthier than the typical American diet high in carbohydrates and salt. However, you may find that your diet affects your performance during exercise. If your choice is Cheetos and Diet Coke, then in training you will hardly feel very good.

Markus Hendren grew up on a farm and got into the habit of eating whatever he wants. Since taking up CrossFit, Marcus has cleaned up his diet to be more competitive.

What about golf and special shoes?

As with other sports, CrossFit has its own specialized equipment. Knee-highs help when you repeatedly climb a rope, jump on a platform, do deadlifts, but they are not necessary. Some people like to wear weightlifting shoes, the Reebok Nanos, but from a technical point of view, you don’t need anything other than sneakers and shorts to do CrossFit. If you really like CrossFit and plan to do it all the time, then maybe buying some special gear would be a good idea.

Is CrossFit a cult?

Yoga, bodybuilding, and most other sports create armies of die-hard fans and followers obsessed with these ideas. CrossFit is no different from others in this.

Why is there so much controversy around CrossFit?

I don’t know why CrossFit rejection can turn into such a toxic form in some. Don’t get me wrong, CrossFit definitely has its drawbacks: Some CrossFitters take themselves too seriously, some programs are stupid, CrossFit’s business model seems to be more focused on increasing the number of trainers than improving their quality. But, on the other hand, who cares what the other person does to improve their physical condition? Exercise for your health by doing what you love!